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KAT-TUN Shop Photos and Posters sales post ♡

♡ All prices are in SGD.
♡ Click through the photos for bigger pics!
♡ I'll ship internationally! Please let me know where you are/would like it sent to and I can give you a quote on how much the shipping will be.
♡ I accept Paypal, or local bank transfer if you are in Singapore. (Paypal will have a 8% paypal fee for international transfers!)

Shop Photos

♡ Please let me know which bundle you would like by noting the alphabet! ♡
Each bundle has at least 10 photos (up to 19 photos).
♡ Some photos may have slight marks or creases on them; they're barely visible except under direct light but I'm uncomfortable selling them without letting you know ♡
♡ They're all authentic shop photos, J-web, or concert limited photos with the Johnny's watermark on the back (other than a few from junior days when they hadn't started making their own watermark) ♡

A - Ueda (Brown hair - 17 photos) -- $10
B - Ueda (Black hair - 13 photos) -- $8
C - Ueda (Golden hair 1 - 12 photos) -- $8 Sold
D - Ueda (Golden hair 2 - 11 photos) -- $8

E - Nakamaru - 18 photos -- $10

F - Group (6-member - Junior days~2007 - 19 photos) -- $10
G - Group (6-member - 2008~2010 - 17 photos) -- $10
H - Group (5-member and 4-member - 10 photos) -- $6


♡ Posters are $5 each.
♡ All posters are around B2 size (~52xm x 72cm) and official with J-Storm logo.
♡ They're all in good condition, but a couple of them have slight marks on the back which has been noted below, but the front are all good. ♡

I - Kusabi bonus (slight marks on the back)
J - Tragedy bonus (Type 3 RE) (slight marks on the back)
K - Tragedy bonus (Type 2 LE)

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